EZ 2000 Manual - Welcome to EZ 2000 Plus Dental Software

Welcome to Open Dental Software 

Welcome to EZ2000 Plus  Dental, a complete Practice Management Software used by dentists around the world.  Once you order EZ2000 Plus Dental Software, we will remotely install the software for you. We will also copy an installation folder onto the desktop of your server PC that will allow you to copy that folder onto any work station computer so that you may install the program on unlimited computers yourself. 

Support is included in the regular yearly fee.  Additional services are also available.  


User Manual
The User Manual is completely online and accesible via the inside of the program on the top HELP tab.


The following resources are available to new and existing customers.

- Customized remote training 
- On-site training is also available


Limited to one or two questions per call, but don't feel badly about calling us repeatedly, especially when you are first starting out. 

Data conversions

If you will be converting your data from a previous dental software, plan for this before you start using EZ2000 Plus Dental.  We canno tsimply push a button to convert you. It may take 1 -5 days to perform your data converison.  


  EZ2000 Plus Dental Software 800-273-5033